Our People

2013 Staff Photo

At Point Lonsdale Primary School we believe our staff are something special, they are our greatest resource and we take our time structuring teams to best meet the needs of students. This process includes matching teachers to teams and students to teachers. Advice from their supportive peers is sought from current teachers, parents, the pre-school providers and students themselves in order to make the best fit. In structuring staff teams the emphasis is on the skills and particular expertise of staff and their capacity to adopt new practice and to mentor each other. The movement between teams is strategic as is the targeting of staff training.


Each team has Literacy and a Numeracy Leader and access to a school based oral language expert. 

Years Prep - 2

Specialist Curriculum

Years 3 - 6


Linden McCormack Raelen Dennis - Spanish  Rebekah Fewkes Jeanette Farrell
Samantha Barry Justin Farley - Phys Ed Cathy Vassiliou Samantha Wells
Melissa Lonergan Fay Agterhuis - Visual Arts Sharon Hill Integration - Cathy Daniels 
    Troy Ahearn                    - Chivonne Ford 

Appreciation / No Putdowns   |   Personal Best   |   Attentive Listening   |   Right to Pass   |   Mutual Respect