Our Facilities & Environment


Point Lonsdale Primary School is located on a unique site and one which we value most highly. It is bordered by the secondary dune which separates us from the beach itself and we have carefully planned and monitored replanting of indigenous species to retain the coastal feel, including forging links with the local indigenous nursery to ensure plantings are compatible including areas of moonah and coastal banksia. The dune provides protection from the wind and is an ideal area in which to study erosion, weed control and natural habitats. 

The Building

Our building is unique, it is environmentally sustainable and has been designed around the specific learning and teaching philosophies of our school (see here and here for more information) and enables us to teach in spaces designed to cater to the diverse and ever changing needs of 21st century learners. The teaching spaces/learning studios, art studio and library, cluster around a central learning common. The studios are notionally dedicated as work spaces for the Early Years and Upper teams and an additional double classroom has varied uses: including operating as a dedicated Prep or Year 2 space enabling a structured transition point. The openness and adaptability allows us to shift organisational structures to address student and staffing needs and great importance is placed on relational trust. We actively seek new ideas and challenges and others come to us seeking knowledge and support. We are accountable for our own actions and hold collective responsibility for the accountability of the team in meeting targets.

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